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20 Best International Foods to Serve in Flight While on Your Way to Your Clients Destination of Choice

With the development of serving international foods in flight while you are on your way to your clients destination of choice, airlines have gone to great lengths to confirm that flight dining can be very much more than extraordinary. Airlines now offer menus from local specialties to upgraded comfort food, prepared by world celebrated chefs as well as wine menus that contend with those prepared at expensive restaurants to their numerous customers to win their stomachs and hearts in this period of keen competition.

Here are 20 best international foods to serve in flight while on your way to your clients destination of choice.

  • Cascade Brisket Chili – This food choice is a winning and tasty cuisine served onboard flights not too long ago. It combines flavor with taste. You would not want to miss the food next time you are on board.
  • Candy - This will help you keep your ears from becoming uncomfortable clogged even as the altitude increases.
  • Dried Fruit or Trail Mix – This is a healthy and easy to carry recipe and above all, it is satisfying. The airlines serve this international food because they understand that it is a way to snack without feeling guilty.
  • Crackers: In the course of your flight, the stewards and stewardesses will perhaps offer you a bag of crackers. This can sustain you until you eat a decent meal, and they can as well help you to avoid airsickness.
  • Bagels – This is tasty and extraordinary. It will quench your hunger and you will never remain starving again.
  • Red Wine Braised Beef with Polenta – This international meal from Peter Gordon is ideal for your long flight, whether you are in the economy or first class. It is a combination of red wine braised beef, green beans and blue cheese polenta.
  • Chicken Cobb Salad – This international food is served on international flights more than three hours. It is a combination of slices of chicken breasts, bleu cheese, tomatoes, corn, turkey bacon, romaine lettuce, with ranch dressing on the side.
  • Hong Kong-style Curry Chicken – This food is served with salad, steamed rice as well as Haagen-Dazs ice cream for dessert. This curry chicken is one of numerous economy meals.
  • Strawberry Frozen Yogurt Bars – This is a free domestic meal to give comfort to passengers.
  • Loco Moco – This is a hamburger pasty on top of steamed white rice, topped with sunny side up egg and gravy.
  • Kale Salad – This is more that snack boxes of salty and packaged sweet treats. This freshly prepared meal is quite healthy. It contains dried blueberries and cranberries, cannellini beans, spring greens, grape tomatoes on top of chopped kale and spring greens and quinoa, topped with white balsamic vinaigrette.
  • Sirloin Sandwich – This is prepared with horseradish cream on a roll, baby spring greens, white cheddar, red-wine caramelized onions, top sirloin steak, with a side of raisin and quinoa salad.
  • Hot Ham and Cheese Breakfast – This particular recipe is the long-established South American breakfast that consists of cheeses and meats. It is dished as a hot cheese and ham sandwich with one side of seasonal spanking new fruit as well as hot berry muffin.
  • Lasagna with Malbec and Flan – This pasta is tantalizing and healthy to your health. Without mincing words, this is a meal for you while on your way to your client destination of choice.
  • Classic Arabic Mezze – This is the favorite food of travelers all over the world. You can get it in all categories, such as muhammara, tabouleh, hummus and lahim bil agine served together with Arabic bread.
  • Ravioli and Dulce de Leche Cake – Ravioli matches exceptionally with the reds on the wine menu of TAM, no matter the main dish. It also prepares room for the dulce de leche dessert.
  • Flight Bites Tapas – The various combinations of Flight Bites Tapas are: Spanish chicken and artichoke salad, Lebanese chickpea salad, mozzarella and roasted tomato with capers, ginger tartar with ponzu dressing and edamame.
  • Marvelous Mac’N’Cheese” Children food – This is nothing but spanking new, nourishing and easy meals with a house-cooked experience for kids on board of the economy class.
  • Beluga Caviar – Believe it, this is the most expensive international food in the world. Beluga Caviar is fish eggs or roe from Beluga Sturgeon that can be located in the Caspian Sea. It contains the largest fish eggs used in the preparation of caviar and this particular meal is generally dished on small pieces of toast because it doesn’t require flavor to get it better.
  • White Truffles – This special food is discovered from the secretive ascomycetes or tubers family. The aroma of Truffles is like that of deep fired walnuts that area very spicy to a number of people, resulting in reeling effect.

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15 Most Underrated Skills That’ll Make Your Company Shine When Serving Clients on Flights to a Special Destination

It is the skills you have that will single you out and distinguish you from other people. For your company to shine, you need skillful workers. As a matter of fact, one good skill from

Here are 15 most underrated skills that’ll make your company shine when serving clients on flights to a special destination.

  1. The Aptitude to Read the Mood of Customers – This is the skill that will allow you to observe your customer and deduce what is going on within such a customer. This is all about your ability to read the present emotional state of your customer as well as the fundamental principles of behavioral psychology. Once you understand your clients very well, you can build a personal experience from them.
  2. Attentiveness – The ability to be attentive to customers is essential for offering great service. You need to listen to their discussions, taking note of the language or term they use to describe the problem they are facing. However, be attentive and mindful to the feedback you get as a whole.
  3. Persuasion – You must be very good at persuading people, to make your company shine and convince interested clients that your product and service is the best for them.
  4. Goal Oriented – This underrated skill is extremely necessary if you ant to move your business forward. Employers should give their employees the autonomy to handle customers’ cases and leave them to proffer solutions to the common problems of these customers.
  5. Time Management – Despite the fact that you should spend more time with clientele, there is a limit, and you must fix their problem within a while and in a satisfactory and efficient way. Refer tough issues you cannot handle to your superior or colleague for solution to save time.
  6. Patience – This skill is vital to both your business and the clients at large. When you are patient with a particular client, particularly in this type of business, you will understand their needs and adjust immediately.
  7. Clear Communication – Customer need solution and not tales! As a result, ensure that you are tackling the current problems as quickly as possible. More importantly, be careful about the way you handle issues through your communication habits.
  8. Know your product or service– You must have adequate understanding of your product or service, and how it works. In other words, understand every detail about the product, just as the clients may want to know as well.
  9. Use Positive Language – Being able to make minor changes in the patterns of your conversation will create happy customers. Hence, this should not sound like fluffy nonsense to you.
  10. Handling Surprises – This is going all out to use your discretion to handle issues not even covered in the guidelines of the company. This is the ability to see beyond the nose and think on your feet or come out with a guideline to solve the problems at hand.
  11. Tenacity – This is a great work ethic the eagerness to perform your function without having to cut corners or take shot cuts. Tenacity is a major skill when offering the type of service that people speaks about.
  12. Calming Presence – Diverse kinds of metaphors are available for this type of personality. This is the ability to restrict pressure and also influence others when things are getting tough.
  13. Closing - This is the ability to conclude a conversation with established satisfaction or near it as you can attain with the client establishing that all will be or has been taken care of.
  14. Acting – In the course of your service, you will meet some customers that will be impossible to make happy. This is where you will apply your acting skills to make such people laugh.
  15. Readiness to Learn – It is noteworthy that no one is an island and nobody is perfect. Where your own ability ends is where that of other people starts. When you learn from other people, you will improve what you do, such as marketing businesses, building products and helping customers.