14 Cartoons About Flying That’ll Brighten Your Day

There is nothing like a good and happy day and there are many ways to brighten your day including reading cartoons.

From Tumblr beginners to Internet veterans, here are 14 cartoons about flying that’ll brighten your day.

  • The flight attendant said there might be 50 different ways to depart your lover….but only 4 ways are available to go out of this aircraft in the course of the safety instructions announcement. Tell me more about those 50
  • Gentlemen and ladies, if you are on the right side of the airplane you will see the Golden Gate Bridge, and you can see the people on the right side of the plane looking at the Golden Gate bridge, if you are on the left side of the plane.
  • You can use your seat cushions as a floating gadget; if it happens that the flight turns into a cruise.
  • The stewardess announced while boarding the plane: The flight is overbooked and we are looking for volunteers, gentlemen and ladies! We can give you 500 dollars as well as a seat on the next flight. Please signify by raising your hand if you are interested.
  • We will be starting our in-flight dinner service in a while. Two different entrees are available on the menu list tonight: beef in a brown gravy or chicken in a red sauce. Please have a second option in mind as we don’t have 100 percent of each entrée in stock.
  • The Stewardess announced: We are prepared for take-off. Please close your window, place your chair in the upright position and fasten your seatbelt. Do not leave your window opened while taking off if you don’t want to have a very bad hair day! Yeahoo!
  • The plane stopped over in Fort Lauderdale during a flight to Miami. It was announced by the pilot that it was to get directions and gas. Can you see that cloud up there? Just make a left turn there and follow the river!
  • Please don’t stand up until the plane is parked at the gate. A passenger has not beaten a plane to the gate at no time in history. Therefore, don’t even attempt it. On to your marks, get set….!
  • The plane was one third full on a flight from Amsterdam to London. The FA said prior to the safety announcement: Our competitors will discover that we have a full flight if everyone could please move to a window seat. And smile – don’t forget the exceptional service!
  • The captain came on the intercom with his arrival message after landing: Welcome to Amsterdam, ladies and gentlemen. We have arrived 15 minutes earlier than schedule. Consequently, let us call it even next time we arrive 15 minutes late. I will remain on board for another 15 minutes because I want my money’s worth.
  • Please don’t stand up from your seat until the captain has come to a total stop, ladies and gentlemen. I want to give you a warning: pilot fly better than they drive. I don’t like reverse parking!
  • Before helping the kids or adults acting like kids, kindly place the mask above your own face. Oxygen masks will drop from the overhead area, if the cabin loses pressure.
  • Welcome on board gentlemen and ladies! Please don’t forget the fact that airplane still remain the safest way to travel. Therefore, have a wonderful trip and depend on us in the same manner we depend on the autopilot.
  • Stewardess at some stage in the safety announcement: A number of you asked me if singing the safety announcements would be possible. I can tell you that all the oxygen masks fell from the ceiling the last time I tried it. And one of my personal favorite will be the next song we will be playing for you, ladies and gentlemen.

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